democracy and self-organization - the change of which barack obama speaks

"Aziz convincingly situates Obama's politics of change within democratic culture's unfolding destiny." (info)

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the syndetic paradigm - the untrodden path beyond freud and jung

"Aziz offers a solid critique of both Freud and Jung and presents a model that goes beyond them." (info)

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c.g. jung's psychology of religion
and synchronicity

"Aziz’s constructive synthesis of synchronicity and the psychology of individuation is masterful." (info)

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Analytical Practice

The analytical practice of Robert Aziz Ph.D. is an insight-oriented practice in which conscious and unconscious dynamics are studied to support profound personal development. Clinical work typically proceeds by way of dream analysis.

Because his practice is North American in scope, analysis often takes the form of both in-person and telephone work. Although telephone work has proven to be very effective, it also has its limitations. Something telephone work cannot provide is therapeutic containment. Such at-a-distance work, therefore, is strictly consultative.

Many of Robert Aziz's analysands have previously undergone counseling or psychotherapy with other professionals or have completed analytical hours with Freudian or Jungian analysts. Those who have already completed analytical hours will find it both refreshing and challenging to view their developmental experiences through the lens of Aziz's comprehensive and innovative, theoretical/clinical model, The Syndetic Paradigm. At any given time, it should be further noted, there will be amongst his analysands several practicing professionals looking to deepen and extend their theoretical and clinical understandings. Finally, it should be said that those individuals without any therapeutic or analytical experience should feel free to inquire about analytical work, as all requests are assessed on the basis of an individual's potential to do this work.

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