democracy and self-organization - the change of which barack obama speaks

"Aziz convincingly situates Obama's politics of change within democratic culture's unfolding destiny." (info)

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the syndetic paradigm - the untrodden path beyond freud and jung

"Aziz offers a solid critique of both Freud and Jung and presents a model that goes beyond them." (info)

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c.g. jung's psychology of religion
and synchronicity

"Aziz’s constructive synthesis of synchronicity and the psychology of individuation is masterful." (info)

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Business Consulting

Robert Aziz Ph.D. has worked within the business sector for over twenty years as a therapist, consultant and executive mentor.

Aziz began working in the business sector in 1988 as a contract therapist with a Canada-wide provider of Employee Assistance Plan services. For the next eight years in this capacity, he supported individuals working at all corporate levels within a wide range of business environments, including retail, manufacturing, educational and financial. During this time, Aziz observed how the productivity and human resource challenges typically found within business environments would become intractably complicated due to processing and communication limitations. Meaning and process would succumb to power dynamics. Of special concern to Aziz were the important issues of interpersonal conflict and medical stress leave, typically conceived of as ‘burn out.' By way of his observation of the unproductive and even toxic influence of power dynamics on these two problems his future ideas on the dynamics of meaning in the workplace came into being.

Concurrent to the above, since 1992 Aziz has worked within the business sector as a consultant and mentor with executives and executive teams leading an array of businesses of various sizes throughout Canada and the United States. Underpinning his approach to business consultancy is Aziz's belief in the critical linkage between productivity, sustainability and the dynamics of meaning.

In order for a business organization to achieve sustainable optimum productivity, Aziz holds, it will need to be equally functional in terms of the dynamics of meaning, which is to say, equally functional in terms of how information and experience of a personal, interpersonal and organizational nature are transmitted and processed. Sustainable optimum productivity is dependent on the dynamics of meaning; the dynamics of meaning is dependent on the conscious and functional organizational processing of information and human experience.

In the spirit of this formula, Aziz's consultancy has taken as its primary task the in-depth development of the processing capabilities of those individuals upon whom the sustainable productivity capabilities of our business organizations so greatly depend, our business leaders.

Please direct all requests for further information about Robert Aziz's business consultancy through the appropriate contact forms provided on this website.

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