democracy and self-organization - the change of which barack obama speaks

"Aziz convincingly situates Obama's politics of change within democratic culture's unfolding destiny." (info)

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the syndetic paradigm - the untrodden path beyond freud and jung

"Aziz offers a solid critique of both Freud and Jung and presents a model that goes beyond them." (info)

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c.g. jung's psychology of religion
and synchronicity

"Aziz’s constructive synthesis of synchronicity and the psychology of individuation is masterful." (info)

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the times of india invites dr. aziz to join the speaking tree

Dr. Aziz accepted with gratitude an invitation from The Times of India to join as a 'Master' their global spiritual networking website, The Speaking Tree.

Launched in 2010, The Speaking Tree website has 90,000 registered participants and receives over 1,000,000 monthly page views. Featured articles from The Speaking Tree are presented in print in The Times of India both daily on the Edit Page (The Times of Ideas) and in their weekly publication The Speaking Tree Sunday. The World Association of Newspapers lists The Times of India as the largest selling English language newspaper in the world.

Please sign up to 'Follow' Dr. Aziz on The Times of India, The Speaking Tree so that you can contribute your own valuable comments to this exceptional, global spiritual dialogue.

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